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“One Song” by Rina Deshpande, @RinaThePoet 03-17-2019


“Universe” has been said to mean “One song,” “One together,” and “One turning.” I wrote and drew this poem, ‘One Song,’ one year ago when humanity was killing humanity with guns as often has often been happening. It seems we are now being asked, pushed, and humbled by Nature and her Mothering forces to clear away the non-essentials, to take rest, and to reconnect and regenerate in a new way. “You are in this country, I am in that country, I don’t know how strong or longlasting this thing really is, I don’t know if I’ll get sick or they’ll get sick or what will happen to economies and governments, how is that country going to recover? Is this country going to be next? What do you think? What does he think? I think…” – we are all connected in these thoughts and searches, because none of us can really, 100% say for sure. We have been trying to make change for better for years but it’s been hard to listen to each other. But now, Mother says. Please take care! With Love.